Friday 23 June 2017

Cooling Coats - A Must-Have This Summer!

With all this hot weather we've been having lately, it is vital that we help our dogs stay cool! One way to keep your canine companion comfortable in the heat is to buy them a Cooling Coat! Here are a few I found while browsing online...

'Cooling Coat Aquamat Chiller'

The 'Cooling Coat Aquamat Chiller' is specially designed to hold water and cool your dog down but won't get your dog wet! Brilliant! The Chiller is a multi-purpose coat, suitable for relaxing in the garden, travelling in the car, or even doing agility! Prices range from: £25.00 for an XS (30cm) to £45.00 for an XL (70cm), which is a very reasonable price range!

Click here to view Aquamat's website!

'Cooling Coat Chiller Chien'

Like the 'Cooling Coat Aquamat Chiller', this chiller is designed to hold water, without wetting your pooch! Prices range from: £25.00 for an XS (30cm) to £37.00 for a L (55cm).

Click here to view Aquamat's website!

'Prestige Cool-Coat'

'Prestige Cool-Coats' are light, cool and soft to touch. 'Cool-Coats' are simple to use, wash and store

and range from: £20.99 + P&P for an XS (28cm) to £44.99 for an XL (80cm).

Click here to view Prestige Pet Products website!

'Ruffwear Swamp Cooler'

What a cool name! The 'Ruffwear Swamp Cooler' is the ultimate cooling coat that has a 3 layer construction to maximise the cooling effect the coat has on your dog. The Swamp Cooler is designed for dogs on the go. It's sleek,'s got the whole package! At £69.95 it's a little on the pricey side, but the quality looks super!

Click here to view Ruffwear's website!

'Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest'

A cheaper alternative to the 'Swamp Cooler' is the 'Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest' which looks just as sleek and sporty as the 'Swamp Cooler'! The 'Jet Stream Cooling Vest' is £44.95 and efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through evaporative cooling. So if your dog is active and adventurous, this is the cooler for you! If your dog is like Louie who enjoys the quieter life, lazing around in the garden, a cheaper cooler may be a more practical solution.

Click here to view Ruffwear's website!

Have you tried any of these cooling coats/vests? Or have you tried a different one we haven't mentioned? We'd love to hear from you! 

Jodie and Louie 

Louie is wearing his Orange Pow Bandana from Pet Pooch Boutique

Thursday 11 May 2017

Treat Review: Neoh & Nobo - Bakehouse for Dogs

Neoh & Nobo are a small and very dedicated team of conscious dog owners who produce handmade dog treats derived from natural sources! If you’re a regular reader of our social media posts then you’ll know that we do love our natural and organic handmade dog treats! While Neoh & Nobo officially launched on the 1st May 2017, we were lucky enough to nab a sneak preview of all the goodies soon to be on offer, and even tried some too earlier in April! Read our review below on our thoughts of this new and upcoming company!

The packaging is simplistic, yet effective and contains all the information a dog owner could wish for: ingredients, nutritional benefits, feeding guidelines and how to store upon opening. Although these treats can last up to 4 weeks if kept sealed in a cool, dry place, once they’re open, we don’t think the treats will last too long though since they’re so yummy!

“The beauty of simplicity derived from nature” – Neoh & Nobo

Neoh & Nobo’s packaging is environmentally friendly which shows that their commitment to sustainability goes above and beyond the ingredients used in their treats. All their packaging is either recyclable or reusable and they even encourage their customers to protect the environment too with their packaging recycling incentive. When visiting Neoh & Nobo at a trade show simply bring along your old treat packaging and you can enjoy a lovely 10% discount at their stall! We think this is a fabulous idea! 

“All of our ingredients are 100% free from salt, sugar, preservatives, additives and animal by-products” – Neoh & Nobo

Handmade in small batches daily, Neoh & Nobo offer biscuits and butters in four wonderful flavours for your canine companions to enjoy. These include: Peanut Butter, Banana X Turmeric, Butternut X Vanilla Bean and Papaya X Pumpkin Seed. We received a box of Banana X Turmeric treats in the mail for Louie to try. These specific biscuits contained: banana, turmeric, spirulina, ginger, flaxseed, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, molasses and coconut oil, all of which are combined to help support the normal function of the digestive system. Since Louie is becoming an old boy now, I am specifically drawn to treats which possess health benefits, are organic and are made using natural ingredients. Neoh & Nobo were therefore right up my street!

Louie’s Banana X Turmeric dog biscuits went down a treat and were thoroughly enjoyed, perhaps enjoyed a little too much since he was begging keenly and relentlessly for more! Neoh & Nobo recommend that you feed up to 2 treats a day depending on the size and activity of the dog.

Overall, Neoh & Nobo are a real asset to the canine community and provide owners with natural, organic and environmentally friendly treats for our companions to enjoy without all the nasty artificial additives seen in a lot of dog treats currently on the market. Big paws up from us Neoh & Nobo! Keep up the good work!

Head over to Neoh & Nobo's website now and make a purchase or two, I promise you won't regret it! You can also find them on: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Saturday 30 July 2016

Product Review: Simply Handmade Tags

Attaching a durable and high quality I.D tag to your dog's collars is a MUST if you want to reduce the risk of being separated from your canine friend. Each year, many lost dogs are taken to shelters due to having no I.D tags attached to their collars or a microchip. Unfortunately, many of these dogs are never reunited with their owners.

Louie's beautiful handmade tag ♥
There are many different companies out there that produce I.D tags but one company in particular caught my eye on Instagram recently - Simply Handmade Tags. Simply Handmade Tags is based on and offer beautiful handmade tags in various different designs. Louie is a lucky pup and was kindly sent the Rustic Copper Washer Style tag to review recently.

Our tag was beautifully wrapped and presented when it arrived through our letterbox - it's always nice to see pet companies that take pride in the presentation of their products, it really shows how much they care about their customers! Not only do these tags help protect your pet from being lost and ending up in the wrong hands but they look lovely too - bonus!

"Truly individual and unique tags" - Simply Handmade Tags ♥

I chose to have Louie's name and my contact number engraved on our tag - they truly are unique and individual I.D tags! Thank you Sarah and Mabel for our lovely dog tag! It truly is a fantastic and high quality product that has been clearly made with love!

Want your own ID tag like Louie's? Head on over to Simply Handmade Tag's Etsy page to order yours now! What's your favourite design? Let us know in the comments section below!

You can also find Simply Handmade Tags on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

Jodie and Louie 

*We were kindly sent the Rustic Copper Washer Style tag in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are our own.

Friday 1 July 2016

Product Review: Snuggle Sack by Slumbering Hound

Hey friends! Do you like the idea of handmade and personalised products such as beds, blankets and bags for your canine companions? Well, look no further! Introducing...Slumbering Hound! 

Snuggled up like a bug in a rug! 

Slumbering Hound was created by the lovely Dee Stringer and is a wonderful company that produce the most beautiful handmade products! We originally stumbled across them on Twitter and were dying to give one of their products a try! They offer personalised products too!

Recently, Louie was kindly sent one of Slumbering Hound's Snuggle Sacks to try and review. Our first thoughts were regarding the packaging and how beautifully presented our delivery was. We loved the paw print tissue paper our Snuggle Sack was neatly wrapped in, it was a lovely touch that shows the true love and care put into each one of Slumbering Hound's products.

"Slumbering Hound regularly donates a percentage of profits to charity, currently supporting Glendee Dog Rescue"

Paw print tissue paper - we love touches like these! ♥

"Gorgeously cosy and soft Snuggle Sacks to keep your hound toasty" - Slumbering Hound
Thank you Slumbering Hound ♥
The Snuggle Sack is so very soft! Once Louie was inside it, he didn't want to get out, and I don't blame him! I was very jealous of Louie snuggled up inside his sack, he looked so warm and cosy, I wanted a Snuggle Sack for myself! Along with our amazing Snuggle Sack, Dee kindly sent Louie a toy to play with - what a lucky boy!

Overall we were overjoyed with our Snuggle Sack, Louie absolutely loved it which put the biggest smile on my face! This particular product by Slumbering Hound is truly wonderful, amazing quality and words cannot describe how soft it feels! Brilliant stuff Slumbering Hound!

Even Louie's little sister Tilly May had a try! Paws up from her too! ♥

Want your own Snuggle Sack? Silly question really, we know you want one - and you won't regret it, we promise! Check out Slumbering Hound's website here for more information. 

You can also find Slumbering Hound on: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Jodie and Louie

*We were kindly sent the Snuggle Sack by Slumbering Hound in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are our own.

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Review: Turquoise Tribal Dog Collar by Boots & Bones

Looking for unique, stylish and handmade collars and leads for your pampered pooch? Well we've found the perfect company for you! The brilliant Boots & Bones!

Turquoise Tribal Dog Collar - snazzy right?
Created by Ellie and Dan, Boots & Bones is a UK based company who design and create unique handcrafted collars, leads and tags. Boots & Bones offer a bespoke made-to-order service for those customers wanting something a little different. While Ellie is chief designer and marketeer who is often found sat behind the sewing machine, Dan is usually found working his magic on the website or drinking tea! The real boss though is Dotty, the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. What a great team!

The divine Dotty - Photo courtesy of Boots & Bones
So, apparently I have a little obsession with buying Louie collars, can never have too many dog collars can you?! Louie has collars of various colours (mostly from Pets at Home), but nothing as fancy and vibrant as the ones created by the lovely Ellie at Boots & Bones.

Recently, we were sent the Turquoise Tribal Collar to try and review which we were very excited about! This particular collar is a festival inspired piece and is part of the Summer collection at Boots & Bones. As you can see, it's a very eye-catching design and is made from strong polypropylene webbing and unique grosgrain ribbon - looks good and durable too, bonus!

Boots & Bones have various designs ranging from skulls to rainbows and you can even buy leads to match. A design we particularly like is the Sunflower Dog Collar. With all this rain England are having right now, this design is guaranteed to brighten up yours and your pooch's day!

Happy chappy in his vibrant collar
If you'd like your own beautiful handmade collar from Boots & Bones please head on over to their website now to see their full selection of designs, you won't be disappointed! Let us know in the comments box below your favourite design, we'd love to hear from our readers!

Be the talk of the town with a Boots & Bones Collar

You can also find Boots & Bones on: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Jodie and Louie 

*We were kindly sent the handmade Turquoise Tribal Dog Collar by Boots & Bones in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are our own.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Treat Review: Hand Baked Dog Biscuits by Wellybix

Louie and I stumbled across a brilliant company recently who bake some of the yummiest dog biscuits ever - and we can't wait to share our discovery with you!

Introducing...Wellybix! Based in Teesdale, Wellybix is a fantastic company that produces wonderful handmade biscuits for our canine companions that are jam-packed with natural goodness! The company is run by Alison Dalton and her adorable Jack Russell Welly who is chief taste tester, lucky pup! Alison takes pride in using ingredients that are of 'human grade quality' and even uses herbs from her own garden!

Now which one to try first?!

Recently, Wellybix kindly sent us four flavours of handmade biscuits to try: Carrot, Lamb, Beef and Peanut Butter. Our first thoughts were that we loved the packaging, a simple white paper bag - it reflects the freshness of the products contained and the simplicity of the ingredients used. Wellybix contains no hidden nasties and they smell good enough even for a human to eat - I must admit, I did consider it! On the back of the nicely designed label there is nutritional information and the expiry date, very useful information to have! We particularly like how each delicious flavour has a different colour label - Wellybix gets a big paws up from us regarding their packaging and design!

Mmm smells good enough to eat!

My very own taste tester Louie thoroughly enjoyed his Wellybix dog biscuits and loved every mouthful, particularly the Peanut Butter flavour! Each treat is bone shaped and although they're biscuits they are fairly easy to break in half. Wellybix tick all the boxes for a perfect treat for man's (and woman's) best friend - hand baked dog treats made with no artificial preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers, salt or sugar, and they're delicious (well, that's what Louie told me)!

As well as hand baked dog biscuits, Wellybix also sell a range of bathtime products, blankets and greeting cards too. You can even bake your own treats with their 'Bake-a-Bone' range - there is just so much to like about this company! Head over to their website for more information on Wellybix and the products they sell. We highly recommend giving their dog biscuits in particular a try!

You can also find Wellybix on: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Jodie and Louie

*We were kindly sent the hand baked dog biscuits by Wellybix in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are our own.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Treat Review: Artisan Dog Treats by Olive's Larder

For a while now, I've been searching for some natural dog treats that aren't full of additives, artificial colours and flavours for my 11 year old Spaniel Louie. Since joining the online dog community, we've found a huge number of companies that produce and sell natural dog treats made with our canine companion's health in mind. Olive's Larder is one of them!

Mmm Duck & Sweet Potato - delicious!
Olive's Larder is an independent family run business based in Southampton that supplies healthy, natural and unprocessed dog biscuits, as well as doggy accessories and natural eco toys. Olive's Larder try to use as many organic ingredients as possible in order to leave out all those nasty additives and preservatives found in many other dog treats.

Recently, the lovely team at Olive's Larder kindly sent some wheat and gluten free, Duck & Sweet Potato flavoured artisan dog treats for Louie to taste test! What a horrible job Louie has right?! There's quite a variety of other flavours in this range, including: Chicken & Thyme, Carrot, Courgette & Mint, Beef & Rosemary and Turkey & Apple - all of which sound very yummy!

Once opened, these treats only last around a week so they need to be gobbled up quickly! While this may be considered a downside to these treats, it actually shows just how fresh the ingredients are which we think is great - no hidden nasties here!

Louie can be fussy with treats, it's not unusual for him to turn his nose up at treats and biscuits. On this occasion, he couldn't get enough of his Duck & Sweet Potato treats! He could've eaten the whole packet if I'd let him! The treats can be easily broken and are fairly soft so would be suitable for any size dog. Louie's best friend Tilly May the Yorkshire Terrier had a try and even with a large amount of teeth removed happily munched them up!
"We don't use anything artificial in our dog treats just simply 100% natural goodness..." - Olive's Larder
Overall, we love Olive's Larder and their artisan dog treats! They're nicely packaged, fresh, natural and reasonably priced - £2.99 for a 75g box or £3.99 for a 150g pouch. While these aren't the cheapest of treats, these biscuits are made from 100% natural ingredients so they're worth every penny!

Delivery is £3.50 (UK mainland only) or free on purchases over £30. If you're around the Southampton area, you can also collect your purchases from Teacups & Tutus or Botley Mills for free - so the money you're saving on postage you can use to buy extra treats! For more information on delivery, follow this link.

Have we convinced you to give Olive's Larder a try? Head over to their website for more information! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Jodie and Louie

*We were kindly sent the artisan dog treats by Olive's Larder in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are our own.

Cooling Coats - A Must-Have This Summer!

With all this hot weather we've been having lately, it is vital that we help our dogs stay cool! One way to keep your canine compan...